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Are your company profits flat lining or worse? Are you at a loss trying to understand or explain why, and how to exponentially increase profits in a meaningful way and an affordable price? If so, you may need the insightful perspective of the team at Idea Prophet. We focus on ROI…for you and your company…for your investors…for your customers.

We have taken companies with $30M annual projections and set them on the course to a true Billion Dollar Valuation. And that is not an exaggeration. We have landed major corporate endorsement deals and have worked with major celebrities. Our technology division has written and patented algorithms valued at hundreds of millions of dollars. We have designed and created technology platforms that have been sold to public companies. We have also created massive funding campaigns and have given over 1000 combined public presentations for our clients.

We have worked with both private and public companies and have worked in numerous industries, entertainment, publishing, sports, healthcare, hi-tech, tourism, and manufacturing, to name a few. If your business needs a fresh perspective from a third-party and a shot of Revenue Adrenaline, then contact us today. Our initial consultation and evaluation is always free.


What We Do

We start by gathering intelligence and data about your company and its vision and revenue goals.
We then start to create strategy based on your revenue goals and those of your competition.
From here, we work with you on tactics to integrate the strategy that we have developed.
Here we help you monitor the effectiveness of the tactics making real time adjustments where needed.

The Experts

H.C. DeBoard

Business & Marketing Strategy & Tactics Consultant

Rob Pafundi

Entertainment & Brand Strategy Consultant


Our blog

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